13 October 2005

Thursday Evening

sub-title, smub-title

Well, this will probably never see the light of day, as it appears that the Blogger interface is funked out AGAIN.

Do go read Peggy Noonan's spot on Opinion Journal piece on the Meirs nomination. The rest of the usual suspects (see also: Blogroll) have their panties in varying degrees of knots over the issue. Noonan is well-reasoned, as per her usual.

I haven't been doing my usual copious quantities of research on the subject, 'cause I'm like busy, dig? I'm still (kinda) standing by my original theory that the Meirs nomination is a smoke-screen for some twisted Rovian plot that will have us Constitutional types jumping for joy by the start of the World Series.
[I'm not mentioning baseball again, as the Astros are in the NLCS and I'm hoping to see them win the World Series in my lifetime]
In other (personal) news: I had a very good interview this afternoon. Two words: Big Time. I am so geeked about this opportunity I can't think straight.
More later.
Courage (Resolve)


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