22 January 2007

Still not over it

not by a long shot

so anyway, I actually spoke with my Brother in Blog on Friday. "Are you over it yet?" I asked. We shared a few pained chuckles over the Evil Party coming back to power; but niether of us is "over it".

Personally, lately I've been checking ammo prices, in advance of a major purchase. I've also been thinking about getting one of these. I need to find some semi-valid "work" reason to go to Dayton, Ohio, and soon.
There's something to be said about having a rifle that shoots pistol ammunition. The last time I got all worked up about a handgun caliber rifle, it was the Isreali-made Timberwolf, a pump action carbine chambered in .357 Magnum. Getting worked up was tempered by the fact that it cost roughly $450, if memory serves. Still, a .357 rifle.....that would kick serious ass; a 9mm not so much. But from a pracitcallity standpoint; common ammo is always a bonus-plus. And for under $200.....
The prospect of pump action is still way cool, though. Rack it, baby. Talk about a sound that makes bad guys wet their pants.....but I digress.
But that's not why I popped in tonight. No, I had humor on my mind when I lit up the Blogger interface, specifically this post from Iowahawk. Comedy Gold, it is. Do go read. H/T to John Hawkins' Conservative Grapevine, who's link you can find you own bad self. Late, tired, etc.


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