10 October 2008


the end is near....

so anyway, I wasn't going to post tonight; it's been a long week both at home and at work, but this caught my eye:

This next civil war won't be between states themselves.....It'll be between Rural and independent people, and the sheeple who populate the big cities and demand bigger and more powerful overlords for themselves and everyone else. The seeds of this were set, in my opinion, by the Seventeenth Amendment, which changed how the US Senate was elected.

For those who don't know (and given the state of US Education today I really can't blame you for that) the 17th Amendment to the US constitution took the US Senate, which was elected by STATE legislatures, and changed it so that the US Senate was elected by popular vote in the state.
In other words, the next civil war will "jump ugly", or however the kids are saying it these days. Personally, my discretionary income has been going towards ammo and canned goods lately. Read the whole thing, follow the links.

Amen, Brother Ragin' Dave.



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