26 January 2005

Rolling Stone caves and F9/11 gets shut out

What is this world coming to?

So Rolling Stone has caved and is now going to run the Zondervan ad for their latest version of the bible. OK. Next? Some of the right-leaning bloggers and radio personalities are making a huge deal out of this. Whoop-De-Do. If RS just ran the ad without fanfare no one would have noticed. As it stands now, no one will remember this story next Tuesday.

As I opined previously, it’s all about the Constitutional assurance of Freedom of Association. Freedom of Association tempered by capitalism. RS was well within their rights to splash the ad, and their acquiescence is just the most expeditious way of getting the issue out of the headlines and avoid further negative publicity. What the hell, maybe RS will start to internalize this whole capitalism thingy. Maybe they’re finally listening to P.J.O’Rourke.

Poor michael moore. All the blood, sweat, and tears he poured into the making of F9/11, not to mention the treasure spent purchasing full page ads promoting his piece of shit film; just to be snubbed by the Hollywood machine. Maybe this defeat will drive him into seclusion, depriving the world of his genius, talent, and insight forever, just for spite.

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

BTW, a personal note to Ted Kennedy: just STFU and go eat another bourbon soaked Oldsmobile. Just confirm Dr.Rice already. Repeat after me: “We Won. You Lost. Get Over It.” Now shut your pie-hole and stop impeding progress.

Sigh. I take a couple of days off and Teddy starts getting uppity. And don’t even get me started about hillary announcing her 2008 Presidential campaign.....miles to go before we sleep.


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