31 January 2005

Sunday Night Wrap Up

Another Victory for the good guys, but there are still hearts and minds to convince

The elections took place in Iraq on Sunday and were a resounding success. Although there was some violence, there was not the wholesale carnage and dead burnt bodies that CNN / CBS / MSM et al. were hoping and praying for.

Congratulations to the people of Iraq; and best wishes for your continued success. Welcome to The Club.

I had the opportunity to hear from my “sounding board” of ultra leftists today regarding the Iraqi elections, and this was the quote of the day (as Dave Barry would say: “I’m not making this up”):

“Oh sure, the elections went well. Or at least it’s being reported by(Rupert) Murdock that it went well. [Note: we had been watching CNN the whole time] It was all rigged anyway, just like the sham election in this country back in November.”

“.....in this country.....” Do you know any conservative, any American who would phrase it just that way? No wonder the left fears an ownership society, they can’t even be connected to or accept ownership of our country.

Over the next several hours, we discussed the news of the day and I was informed that Dr. Rice was the “house-n*****” of the Bush Administration and that she wasn’t qualified to be a common secretary, let alone the Secretary of State, and that Alberto Gonzales was a futher-mucking wet-back (and that was the most complementary thing that was said about Gonzales) and GWB only nominated him because Mexican President Vincenti Fox told Bush to do so.

Later, the conversation then turned to affirmative action and feminism (to quote Rush: “So you’re a feminist? Isn’t that cute.”) and how Chimpy McHitler has set “women’s rights” (whatever the fcuk that is) back 400 years and how the glass ceiling was getting thicker and more opaque and how Halliburton has decreed that affirmative action was so over and should be eliminated and GWB is carrying out his orders to end affirmative action.

My Pavlovian response was to throw myself whole-heartedly into working out the intricate puzzle that was presented by the loading of the dishwasher and muttering under my breath. Yes, my precious, the appointments of Rice and Gonzales points to the fact that the current Administration recognizes ability and accomplishment as qualifications for top Cabinet positions without regard to any of the politically correct bull-siht that the previous Administration was burdened with.

And you wonder why I drink.

We have miles to go before we sleep. The level of delusion on the left is much deeper and widespread than you may believe. I’m starting to think that the flaming moonbat rantings that one finds on the Democratic Underground are actually what these people think.


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