31 January 2005

Terrorist detainees killed in prison uprising

Crickets chirp, and the wind cries “Mary”

So some terrorist detainees got killed dead in a prison riot in Iraq.


Hey, did you see that Sammy Sosa is going to Baltimore? Wow. Switching leagues and all that. I thought he was “Mr.Cubs” for life. Now he’s guaranteed to not ever play in a World Series game.

How ‘bout that john kerry, huh? He’s some kind of statesman. I think he ran for some office recently, although I can’t imagine what he’d be qualified for.

So who do you like; the Patriots or the Eagles? I won’t be able to watch the game, I’ll be driving back to the job site that Sunday night, but I’ll tape it, just so I can see the commercials. That’s the best part, anyway. Don’t you just love capitalism?

Did you see the thingy about the tsunami victims who bonded after the disaster? It brings a tear, it does.

Man, with all the news out there, you gotta wonder about what passes for headlines these days.

Sammy Sosa in an Oriole’s uniform.....who’d have thunk it?


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