20 August 2005

Finally Friday

at long last

A few items that you should read and discuss amongst yourselves.....I reserve the right to include this material on any future exams and/or quizzes.

It's Friday and Friday just wouldn't be Friday without our weekly dose of Victor Davis Hanson. All the kids are linking to him.

Via Sailor in the Desert, a Gold Star Dad recounts his grief over the loss of his son in Iraq. Just read it.

(Note to self: Sailor in the Desert is consistantly good. Add him to the blogroll)

Ace of Spades has the link to the lifelong liberal who has had his epiphany and had decided that he'd take his place at the growd ups table. Welcome to the real world, Scott.

And Frank J. Incorporated has the only non-Greg Gutfeld post you ever need to read at HuffPo. Oh, and read the comments to the post by the "enlightened" HuffPo readers. Poor Michael Smerconish.....he'll never eat lunch with that crowd again.

There was something else, but it's late. We'll have words again soon,


At 20 August, 2005 00:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuk. Back to school. I think it is time to go back to school.


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