21 November 2005

Didn't we go over this before?

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Sigh.  I guess I have resigned myself to just mailing it in from now on, never again to see the smiling visiage of the Blogger "Your Blog has Published Successfully" page.
It looks like those wacky lefties are at it again.  You remember back about 18 months ago (or longer) there was a big kerfluffel about the blogosphere when some moon-bat commenter at Koz or Dhimicraptic Undershorts opined that they were ".....going to buy a gun (although positively repulsed by the entire concept of guns) so that they could defend themselves when the evil Rethuglican Rovian Hit Squads came for them in the night....." and all the talk about taking it to the streets, etc.  Didn't I blog on this before?  I just know I did.  I need a freakin' assistant to compile a sufficient blogography of SSP.  But I digress.....
The right end of the blogosphere absolutely wet their collective selves laughing over the whole concept of the kum-by-ya koalition taking up arms and marching in the streets.
[so I can't spell right now.....bite me.  On my current level of medication, most people wouldn't even be breathing without assistance]
So anyway, they're at it again.  Brother John and Sister Michelle have the down-low on the sitch.  Really, really repugnant stuff.
Rodney King was spot on when he asked "Why can't we all just get along?"
Damn, it got late early again.  More soon, I gotta go figure out why we are not drilling in ANWR right this minute.
Courage (Resolve)

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