19 November 2005

Place your bets

will this post make it or will it get lost?
THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS pissing me off of late, the fact that my ISP and Blogger can't play nice together is just one of them.  So, in no particular order and rather incoherantly, let's have at it, shall we?
I am so sick of billy jeff blythe clinton I could just puke.  "Most influential man alive"  If that title doesn't hip you to what the MSM is all about, you don't have a pulse.  He's even on the cover of the latest Ladies Home Redbook Housekeeping Good Journal, his freakin' gob is pasted everywhere, like taupe paint in a lesbian's apartment.  Bejeezus, just go AWAY already.  And STFU while you're at it.
And the same goes for carter, too.  Carter's opinion on "Our Endangered Values"?  My.Ass.  You yuck it up with michael fcukin' moore at the donk convention then write such a pompous tome?  Carter has been in lock step with the very forces that have endangered our values up until about last Tuesday, and now he's all concerned.  STFU already.
I am sick and tired of supposedly right-wing media types already conceding the '08 election to hillary fookin' clinton.  I know, reverse psychology and all that crap, but enough already.  She has to get re-elected as the junior senator from New York in order to even thing about running in '08, and her re-election is not a foregone conclusion.  So STFU and let's defeat her in '06, rather than have to go nucular and siht in '08.
You absolutely must go read Cold Fury's take on the fireworks in congress over the War.  Mike is spot on.  Reading the blogosphere coverage of the event make me wish we had cable so I could have watched it all on CSPAN.
I just know that I'm going to hit "Publish Post" and get the big stinking error message again.  I just know it.
Yeah, bite me.  Carter's book goes on about how blurring the distinction between Church and State undermines our basic freedoms.  That just makes it all the better, don't it?  Jimmy "I have lusted in my heart" "Born Again" Carter standing up for for the likes of Michael Newdow....yeah, it's a must read.  Remind me to put it on my Festivus list.
And don't get me started about the whole "Church and State" thingy.  Trust me, just walk away screaming.
I'm filled with dread that the System will again crap out on me and lose this post, so I'm going to saw it off and come back later.  Don't worry, there's plenty more snark and invective where this came from.
Courage (Resolve)
As I feared, the System crapped out and I am forced to mail it in.  Fargin' bastages.

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