04 October 2004


I had occasion to be out and about this morning, driving some semi-rural roadways. As part of my ongoing (informal) research on campaign bumper stickers, et al, I was looking at the campaign "yard signs" on my route. As far as the count goes, it was a draw: equal numbers of GWB and kerry signage.

Along one road, some vandal had spray-painted a big "W" on every kerry sign. On both sides of each sign. This went on for miles. At first, I had to laugh; I mean, it is funny. On my return trip I started to get a little pissed about the whole thing. If GWB signs were being defaced similarly, I would be equally pissed as well.

This is exactly the kind of crap that the left would pull. Last month, there was a rash of vandalism in the Detroit (Rock City) suburb of Troy: 50-some-odd vehicles and a handfull of businesses / homes had windows shot out by vandals with a pellet gun. The fact that every single one of the victims had pro-GWB signage was overlooked by the main stream media. In their eyes, the victims got what they deserved.

Not that I'm equating spray-paint on a freebie sign with malicious destruction of property, but the intent to interfere with another's freedom of speech is equal in both cases. Grow up.

You want to put kerry/edwards stickers and signs all over your personal property? Go ahead; thank you for being active in the process. That's the beauty of the Constitution that I am sworn to defend: you have the right to be completely and utterly fooking wrong about your beliefs and are free to advertise the fact that you are a complete and total asshat.


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