21 March 2005

The Post about.....well, you know

it's what all the kids in school are talking about

Go read Rachel Lucas. Right.Now. Then go read Kim du Toit. Both have excellent posts on the Terry Schiavo fiasco. Both are spot on, and taken together, they sum up my opinion on the whole stinkin' mess. Kim even mixes two of my favorite subjects (the Constitution and baseball) to make his point. Brilliant. And Rachel is in high gear overdrive on this one; her rant about the ".....ashsoles of the blogosphere....." was just a AA minor league warm up rant.

Scott Ott is in big trouble. Because of his United Nations post; I schnortelated cheap beer out of my nose and all over my (employer's) laptop. The man's a freakin' genius. If only what he's written would come true.....what a wonderful world it would be.

NO, I will not define "schnortelated". Some things just have to be learned through experience.


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