20 March 2005

Sunday Night Wind Down

zero dark thirty rapidly approaches

I've been in the foulest of moods for most of the weekend. I had to venture into the belly of the beast yesterday and I'm still not over it.

We took The Children to the museum of Natural History for an afternoon outing and had to spend some "quality" time in Moscow on the Huron's downtown and on the fringes of the U-of-M campus. Past the dorms and office buildings with their "No blood for oil" and "Bush=Hitler" and "Don't die for Halliburton" signage; mingling amongst the student population. I guess the ANWR news was too recent for them to produce "anti-" signage; after all, they had put so much time and effort into creating the aforementioned signs.

Half-way through the excursion, The Missus turned to me and said "Please stop saying that" and I realized that I had been muttering ".....I gotta get my CCW permit....." out loud, over and over. Note to self: STFU.

The Museum and their exhibits were great and big fun was had by all. My only question was this: does the University admit any, like, American students? You couldn't prove it by my observations on Saturday afternoon. But I digress.....

So anyway, a couple of things have caught my eye this fine evening. Caught my eye and about poked it out.

Via Four Right Wing Wackos; I found a most excellent essay on the issue of gun ownership by a gentleman named Mike Vanderboegh. There's no snark, no invective, just an objective look at the situation. Sure, I'm in the choir shoutin' out "Amens" to my brother, but I found the essay to be spot on. Your milage may vary. Do go give it a read, it is a long piece, but well worth the effort.

The Wackos also have provided a link to the test from Patrick Henry's oft quoted speech. Read it again for the first time.

There was something else, but I gotta sleep now. Stay Tuned


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