19 March 2005

Saturday Night Wrap Up

tales from the dark side.....

So anyway they've pulled the tube on Terry Schiavo. Sad. To be totally honest about it, I haven't followed the the situation that closely; so let me offer my two cents worth of opinion and move on.

==>I find it quite curious that the same crowd who support starving this woman to death also oppose capital punishment as "cruel and unusual"
==>In every State of the Union, if you deliberately starved a dog to death you would go to prison. Not "country club prison" but "pound you in the ass prison" (Apologies, if you haven't seen Office Space, you will completely miss the reference)
==>If I understand the background correctly, her husband, Scott Peterson Michael Schiavo stands to collect a financial windfall upon her death. So it only seems prudent to let him make the decision on whether she lives or dies; after all, he loves her to death
==>Congress issuing a subpoena for Terry Schiavo to testisfy would be laughable if it didn't reflect so poorly on the Right. We on the Right bitch about all the dead people voting for democrats in Chicago and Portland yet seek testimony from someone in a vegetative state.

It got late early here at Casa de Heywood; I must sleep.


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