12 May 2005

The Conservative Crack-up

everybody's talking at me, can't hear a word they're saying, only the echos of my mind

It seems that the Right side of the blogosphere is doing a little introspection of late, tonight I bring you a few examples. Where to start.....

Kim duToit offers up a spot on rant on the current state of affairs as expoused by John Derbyshire. I can't tell you which one to read first, but read them both, 'cause they've got that ying/yang thing going. Couple these with the previously aforementioned "Moral Exhaustion" post by the VodkaPundit, and you've got something to think about.

Via Hewitt (like he needs the traffic), the incomparable Mark Steyn offers up A War Without Polkas. I siht you not. Do go read.


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