14 May 2005

The left's new meme

The original title was too stupid to repeat

No news yet on our "1000th hit Live Fire Shoot Ex" yet as I haven't had the opportunity to have words with my Brother-in-Blog. I'll keep you posted.

I have noticed a "meme" being touted by the leftist sihtbastards this week and it goes something like this:

"whine whine whine moan moan.....all three branches of the government are controlled / dominated by those eeeeevil kkkonservatives.....there are no 'checks and balances'.....the right winger bible thumper nazis are in total control and they're shredding the Constitution.....moan moan whine whine moan"

Hear me now and believe me later. Just you watch: this will be the mainstay of the leftist platform for the 2006 elections. "Elect us poor democraps, 'cause there needs to be balance" or some such bull siht. Wankers

Beejeezus, it's so lunatical (one of my favorite Yogi Berra-isms) I can't even fisk my recently discovered meme. Where to start.....

First of all, the "Checks and Balances" built in to Our Constitution are designed to keep the three branches of government in check relative to each other, not balance betwixt the two major parties. The balance between the two parties is decided by like, you know, ELECTIONS.

Which brings me to my next point: (ahem)

We Won. You Lost. Get Over It.

"To the victor, goes the spoils" as the saying goes. If billy jeff blythe clinton can claim a "mandate from the people" by taking 42% of the vote, then GWB must have a Super.Fcuking.Mega.Super.Sized.Mandate. with 55% (and counting) of the vote. A big enough mandate that he could completely ignore the issue of border security (thanks for the link to the 4RWWs) and get away with it. As in a Big.Mandate. Large. With the "political capital" as mandated by the electorate, the winning party gets to control things. It's called being the MAJORITY party, the "party of the first (largest) part".

And WTF is the deal with the left complaining about a "conservative" judiciary? Really, WTF? Hello?!?! The left-leaning of the judiciary Is.The.Problem.

As for the right wing thumpers, refer to my previous post and read Derbyshire's stoic analysis.

AAARRRRRRGH. It's really quite enough to make one want to bang one's head against a cinder-block wall.

Seriously though, keep a weather eye on the left complaining about "balance".

More soon, it got late all of a sudden.


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