29 July 2008


and we were just starting to have a good time.....

so anyway, Kim duToit has announced his retirement from blogging, effective 30 November 2008; and he's taking his lovely wife with him. 1 December 2008 will feature duToits no mas. Their various enterprises will expire over time, as traffic drops.

Jeff Goldstein has also hung up his cleats, leaving Protein Wisdom (and the Pub) to a stable of capable (and appropriately funky) co-bloggers.

While I understand and respect their positions and reasons for the departures, I am none the less saddened by these announcements. The Other Side of Kim and Protein Wisdom were among the first additions to the blogroll here at Supply Side Politics. As these two bloggers have been on my daily "must read" list since '02; it's safe to say that both provided me some of the inspiration to start blogging my own self, back in June of '04.

The best of luck to them both.


At 10 August, 2008 21:27, Blogger Dan Collins said...

Capable and funky?

That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me. *sniff*

He's back, though.


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