30 August 2008

Still waiting.....

....to see how McCain screws this up

so anyway, that's about as pessimistic as I get. I'm still very pleased with Sarah Palin as the VP. From what I've seen of the reacts from the left, with all the aimless flailing and random spittle-spewing, Palin was a good choice, indeed.

Overnight, the McCain+Palin campaign netted $7,000,000.00-ish (that's like SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS to those challenged by "math numbers") in new contributions. Via Ace:

Seven million since she was named VP candidate, as disgruntled Republicans find themselves pleasantly gruntled.
Elsewhere, Randy over at Cold Fury poses a serious question:
You want to know the richest part of this ticket? The smoothest, creamiest high calorie center ever to fill a political twinkie?
Yeah, you gotta go read to find out. He's right, BTW. The first president who doesn't look like the presidents featured on our currency will be a conservative.

Even I am getting negative comments and hate mail from yesterday's post: I suspect that "Anonymous" (if that is indeed their real name) is someone I know in real life. Just a hunch. I'm not going to "call him out" or any of that siht, or change the Supply Side Politics' commenting policy; but, Dude!, sign your name. Even if it's your nom de plom (doG, how I hate using french phrases).

Anyhoo, like I said long ago "check your facts, bring your data, and be prepared to lose"; (yeah, I know it was on another blog from another time, but it was me and the challenge still stands.)

The spell-checher doesn't speak french, either. I rest my case.

thatisall. More soon, to be sure


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