12 January 2005

Boycott This

As Ann Coulter says, "Bush's victory is the gift that keeps giving". Dems are staging a boycott of all business and work related activities. Yes, they are telling their followers to stay home from work on Inauguration Day. This of course is designed to show the world how mad they are that they are not in control anymore, by attempting to self-inflict a wound on our economy. In keeping with time honored Democrat traditions, they will of course apply for a purple heart to help them heal their wounds. (If they get three can we send them to Canada or Europe?) Of course a boycott will not accomplish anything. Anyone not buying gas or food that day will have to purchase them the next and it will not even show up as a blip in the GDP. To make matters worse, they are attempting to bridge the divide between the right and the left by calling on those who absolutely must make purchases that day, to refrain from buying from right leaning companies. That's gonna help heal the country? They really do live in a vacuum.

I thought that liberals didn't have any spending power anyway. Isn't the Republican party the party of the rich? Doesn't the Democratic Party stand for the "regular people" of the U.S.? Apparently not. At least there are still some sane people left in the world.

Where is that list of right leaning companies anyway? I'd really like to know because I would like to tailor my spending habits as well. In my city, there are two small restaurants just a block away from each other. During the run-up to the election, one had a Kerry sticker on the door, and one had a Bush sticker on the door. I will not eat in one of those restaurants anymore (can you guess which one?)

Do companies really want the public to know their political bias? (Progressive Insurance comes to mind but I don't know of any others). I think that Hollywood and record companies live dangerously close to that edge. How can you create a product for mass consumption while insulting half of your potential audience? It works for them (for now) but I don't think it would work for mainstream companies. Even so, I'm calling for all people of the right mind to make their gas and food purchases on Inauguration Day. This of course will do nothing either but I think it will be fun. And if it helps balance out the medias attention to them, we will be able to boast yet another victory. I usually brown-bag my lunch but I will eat out that day and fill my fuel guzzling V8 full sized Chevy Van. I'm sure there is something we can all do. Like she said, it's the gift that keeps on giving.


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