20 November 2004

I am so pissed off (or maybe I’m just having a bad day)

Chris Matthews is a total asshat. I actually feel re-affirmed in my decision to cancel my cable. What a fookin’ moron: “.....they’re not bad guys.....” WTF? Wanker.

I hope the Marine in question walks off unscathed from this incident where he was just doing his job. Just.Doing.His.Job. I hope, but I fear that he’ll be railroaded into the ashbin of society before his ordeal is over.

Just a heads’ up for all the lefties and the MSM out there: We’re at war. Deal with it. Ugly shit happens. Really, really unspeakably ugly shit. Deal with it. I think Limbaugh voiced it first: “the purpose of the military is to kill people and break things”. Well, no duh. Our hero was doing what he was supposed to do, and yes, it’s unimaginable to us sitting here in front of our computers, fat and happy, with a drink in hand and the dog at our feet.

[Note: I haven’t seen the video (I canceled my cable, remember?) but I’m hearing the audio from the tape for the second time today even as I type.]

Lemme see if I got this straight: the “insurgents” shoot a blindfolded and bound Margaret Hassan in the head and that’s OK; after all they’re “freedom fighters” defending their country? But one of our Marines offs an enemy combatant terrorist in a combat zone and he’s castigated for it?
Remember that Lt.Colonel who popped a few caps upside the head of the terrorist to get him to talk? In my opinion, he should have been boosted up to General. Instead, he got retired. Sad. Really fookin’ sad. Here was a man with the clarity of vision to do what had to be done to safeguard his troops, and for that clarity his career was cut short. If they called us all into the big conference room tomorrow morning and announced that Lt.Colonel as our company’s new CEO, I would follow him over broken glass into the fires of Hell with a five gallon can of gasoline, because he would do whatever it takes to see us all through.
The same goes for our young Marine friend, a man for whom any one of us would buy all the beer he could drink. I don’t know his story; maybe he intended to be a career Marine, maybe he was doing a stint because he wanted to serve, or maybe this was his ticket to college. Whatever. It doesn’t matter what his ultimate motivation is. The fact remains was he was Doing.It. Boots in the dirt, eating MREs and getting shot at. Wounded in combat, back into the heavy shit less than a day later. Dedicated. Motivated. He gets it; he knows, he understands. “The Marine has been withdrawn from the battlefield, pending this investigation” so sayeth the Corps’ spokesman. The Marine should be withdrawn from the battlefield to be paraded about as a hero, replete with ticker-tape parades and a multi-million dollar book and movie deal.
Clarity of vision. Dare I say, congruence with the requirements of his mission and the situation at hand. Orwell was absolutely correct: “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”
I’m sure you’ve seen the pic that’s been out there on the ‘Net the past few weeks, lefties dragging out the VietNam era banner “We support out troops when they kill their officers”? (I can’t remember where I saw it, I think Four Right Wing Wackos has a link. I’m blogging off-line, remember? No connecty, no linky. Sorry.) What if “embedded reporter” was substituted for “officer”?
Perhaps the clarity of vision was lacking months ago: Fallujah should have been MOAB’d back in April, and none of this would have happened. There is no problem that cannot be rectified by the judicious application of high explosives.


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