17 November 2005

Mailing it in

you have no idea how annoyed I am about this
The constraints on my time are growing exponentially of late, and the little pissing match between Blogger and my ISP are not helping matters.  I managed to get my little test posted (see previous), and set out and wrote 4000 words on the news of the day and my opinions thereof.  Which promptly got siht-canned by the System.  I am not pleased.
One of the things I was trying to post was the link for the upcoming Ammo Day.  Do go support the effort like your very freedom depends on it, 'cause it does.
Stephen Green posted an outstanding piece on war and the media (and stuff).  Go re-fill your drink and give it a read.
Mark Steyn puts the "social democracy" paradox up on a tee, then foregoes the driver for a 12 gauge.  As Carl Spackler would say "......It's in the hole!!!"  Good stuff, that.
There's loads of good stuff out there amongst the usual suspects (See also: Blogroll), but it has gotten late early again and I must go.
Courage (Resolve)

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