07 October 2004

Follow up

I finally did hear first hand about the Springsteen anti-GWB rally/concert from my in-laws. We talked about the music, the stage-craft, etc. They had never been to a full-blown rock concert before, so much was made about the amplification and lighting. The politics of the event were left largly unsaid.
That's the beauty of our relationship. Although we are polar opposites politically, we always can find common ground. They bought tickets to the concert because they HATE GWB, period. No other reason. I have opined that while I would love to see Springsteen and John Fogerty on the same stage, you could not have forced me to that concert at gun-point, because of it's political billing. But we leave it at the door, which is nice. Topics are skirted and dismissed after a brief moment of exchange, with no hard feelings or after effect.
Of course, I am a Conservative (and a Constitutional Conservative, no less), so therefore I am an optomist. I truely believe that beneath all the vitriol betwixt the left and the Right, there is common ground. At least in my personal experience.


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