28 February 2005

Heywood: Super Geek

or is it "Uber-Geek"? I get confused

So anyway I start the new job this morning and the boss man tells me to go get settled into my cube (which is about a fourth the size of the "cage" we're holding Saddam Hussien in, but I digress); boss says he's called IT and they'll be delivering my computer before lunch. So I start unpacking the big box with the pictures of the Missus and the kids (along with about four years worth of pages from the Dilbert desk calendar) and all that other officey type stuff when some one says "Mr. Jablowme?" I say "Yes?" He says "I gots your computer, sign here" and he thrust a clipboard at me. I sign on the line and prepare to get out of the small but tiny cube so that he can set the 'puter up, and he hands me a box.

Containing a laptop.

Forty-five minutes later, the Boss asks if I was anywhere near being done with the Happy Dance.

Not that it's the latest and greatest whiz-bang laptop on the planet, but it's a laptop. Here's where the uber-geek part comes in. For the past hour and a half, I've been standing in the kitchen playing with the laptop on the kitchen counter. I plugged it in and fired it up "just to see if I could make it work" with my ISP, and I've been standing here ever since, wondering where I can get a good deal on a wireless card so I can go sit in some stoopid coffee shop and blog.

Who knows? Maybe by doing my blogging standing up I'd be less likely to wake up with the imprint of a keyboard on my face.

More serious blogging will resume shortly, as my life gets back to normal (and I get a wireless card).


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