24 February 2005

A Whopper and a 40 oz quart of beer

"40 oz Quart" heh. I just love oxymorons

"A Whopper and a 40 oz quart of beer" has been a standing running joke with my former cube-mates in response to being asked what one's lunch plans are. Although rare occassions, there were times when lunch consisted of stopping at al-Machmoodi's Mosque of Discount Spirits and Cell Phone and Pager Superstore for a quart of beer and then hitting the drive thru at BurgerKing for a Whopper (ummm, The Whopper: quite possible the world's most perfect food, all five food groups in the palm of your hand.)

At a former job, it was not uncommon to see the entire engineering department having lunch at the local watering hole with pitchers of beer involved. By "not uncommon" I mean like every freakin' Friday.

To that end, Kim duToit has opined on the concept of the lunch time drink. As usual, Kim is spot on. Give it a read, and discuss it amongst yourselves.

This material may be the subject of an upcoming quiz, or could be covered on the mid-term exam next week.


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