01 March 2005

Two things

before I forget

Dredging through the archives, I stumbled upon a couple of pieces that should see the light of day. Yes, they're both old, from January, practically neolithic by Blogosphere standards.

The first is from Ann Coulter, and just the title was enough to make me giggle for the past half hour: "Liberals Love America like O.J. Loved Nicole" To quote the (not funny) Larry the Cable Guy "I don't care who you are, that's funny".

The other is my often-hinted-at "off-line live-blogging" of the State of the Union address. I really meant to superimpose my blogging notes over the actual text of the speech, but that takes time and effort and I didn't have an internet connection in my small but tiny apartment or a laptop at the time and it's too late now.

Did I mention that I have a laptop now?


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