22 May 2005

The "Danger Hour"

Run, Will Robinson

The Danger Hour, the hour commencing at 11:00 PM. The "get it done and go to bed" hour. The "gotta be at work in less than nine hours" hour. Here I am, finally clear of all my chores and domestic duties, and it's almost midnight.

Crap. I have tons of stuff to get off my chest tonight, but it's too late to blog it all properly.

George Galloway. NRP. SpongeTedSquareLiver. Harry Reid. The list goes on and on.


So much to blog, so little time.

I'll be glad when we're all moved and settled in the new house and life returns to normal.

My apologies for not going full force rant as promised. It sucks being a growd up some times (most times).


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