17 May 2005

The other new meme

"Blogs are bad, mkay?"

Remember back in the day when I used to regularly fisk the content of the Moscow on the Huron's edition of Pravda aka The Ann Arbor News? Well, don't expect that kind of thing to resume any time soon. I have little time for blogging these days, and I'm sure as hell not going to waste my time with the dead tree MSM. Maybe later, once I can have a normal week.

That said, today's edition of Pravda had a front page feature story about how evil blogging, bloggers, and blogs are. I got all righteously indignant and was getting all revved up to fisk the article; but it got late all of a sudden and today's ration of cheap rum has mellowed my harsh.

Here's the link, give it a whirl. Fisk it yourself. It's easy and fun!

Speaking of using the words "mellow" and "harsh" in the some phrase, Mike over at Cold Fury has some salient points to make about the MSM (LLM, go read and understand) in general and the Newsweek fiasco in specific. It's repleat with linky goodness and as usual for Cold Fury, it is spot on.

Oh, yeah; almost forgot the "other new meme". Watch the MSM crank up the heat against the Blogosphere. Like the Pravda story, expect to see more and more of blog-bashing over the next couple of months. Also watch the MSM grow less and less relavant with each passing day.


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