27 June 2005

A Supply Side Politics Announcement

Strange but true, we're celebrating our first anniversary

There's plenty going on out in the blogosphere tonight: a whacked-out Supreme Court, John Bolton is still on hold, quagmire, Flag burning amendments (like they don't have anything better to do), quagmire, Dick Durban, quagmire, the list goes on and on. Visit any of the fine web-logs of the usual suspects for all the snark, spleen, and invective you can eat on any of the topics listed above and more.

There's always more.

As for the supremes pissing all over our Fifth Amendment rights with their bullsiht "eminent domain" ruling: I will pony up pay-per-view cash to see the proceedings the first time the ruling is used to let WalMart take the property of some mosque.....I'm just sayin', that's all. There's (rightfully) been a lot of piss and vinegar on the 'sphere over the issue, there'll be more.
There's always more.
One year ago today, my Brother-in-Blog and I started on this great little adventure. And what a year it's been. In addition to all the stuff you know about, events of the past year, things we've blogged about; there have been things going on in our real lives that would stagger the mind.
As we said at the onset of this enterprise, we are but mere working stiffs with opinions. The demands of daily life: family, household, work, etc.....
Like I said, there's always more.
I'll post more on this later, but now it's late and I'm beat. I just couldn't let the day pass without making note.


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