18 June 2005

Friday Evening Wrap

with 40% fewer carbs and all the taste you deserve

Another long week goes into the books. Tired I am. I got a lot done work-wise this week, and significant progress is being made at Casa de Heywood, Mark III.

Moving sucks. I just thought you'd like to know.

The esteemed James Lileks has another project up and running that you simply must read. Screedblog is just like it sounds; picture The Bleat at about 8:17 AM on the Monday after a weekend long tequila bender and you're told they're out of coffee at the office.

As our long time readers know, I'm a big fan of Lileks' work. Screedblog is more pointed than Lileks' more public work and I must say, the edge suits him well. Already I'm seeing links back to Screedblog from all over the Right end of the blogosphere.

To wit: Will Collier (who, in the VodkaPundit world, is Robin to Stephen Green being Batman) has a post on "he's a" Dick Durbin's shameless comments this week past. Who does Collier block-quote? Lileks' Screedblog.

Do go read. All the kids are doin' it.

There was more, but it's late and tomorrow is another day. Which is to say I must sleep now.


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