27 May 2005

A few thoughts for a Thursday evening

very few, 'cause it's already late

Will Collier, Stephen Green's side-kick over at VodkaPundit has heard a semi-substantiated possible maybe rumor that perhaps Abu Musab Lambda Hooptie Hooptie SkyHook Nyquil al-Zarqawi has assumed room temperature, has ceased to be, is no more, is an ex-terrorist. Given the circles in which Will travels, he's more believable than Newsweak.

I about puked this morning over this: I dash into the breakroom at the office for a steamin' cup-o-kauphy, to be greeted by John McCain's smiling visage on the omnipresent TV. He was being interviewed, by Fox News and their banner overlayed at the bottom of the screen read "American Hero". "American Hero"? For is service to our country (for which I am truly grateful)? No. For suffering untold and unimaginable horrors during all those years spent as a POW? No.

Fox News has declared John McCain an "American Hero" because he "saved the Senate" with his participation in the super-minority hijacking of the Senate this week. He has become the poster child of the Stupid Party, in my humble opinion.

Then again, maybe Karl Rove is behind all this. Tricky he is, this Darth Rove. Strong within him is the Force.

Oh, right. John Bolton. Right. I'll be blogging about that whole stinkin' mess soon, as soon as I can work out the kinks in the theory I'm developing. And don't get me started about that wanker Voinovich.....

I started late and now it's even later. Seven hours from now, some anesthesiologist from Bangalore, India is going to be turning on the gas and telling me to count backwardslike from ten. I'm hoping that my weekend blogging will be augmented by copious quantities of narcotic painkillers.

On second thought, maybe six beers in sixty minutes wasn't such a good plan this evening.....


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