04 June 2005

Finally Friday

a very long short week

Go figure: a four day work week and I still put in over 50 hours. This "capitalist pig" routine takes some effort. Plus, I get to move "the heavy stuff" to the new Casa de Heywood over the weekend. Yippee!

Leon Askin has died. Those of you over 40 or so will remember him as General Burkhalter from Hogan's Heros. A well travelled, accomplished actor, he was an outstanding "comic villian".

Let's do something together, shall we? Every Friday, go read Victor Davis Hanson's weekly offering. Print it out and put it in a big three ring binder. Refer to it often. A smidgen of his fine post:

Our two chief worries — terrorists and weapons of mass destruction — wane when constitutional societies replace autocracies. Currently few democratic states harbor and employ terrorists or threaten their neighbors with biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons, even if they have ample stockpiles of each.

Very good stuff, that. Thanks to Stephen Green at VodkaPundit for pointing out the VDH piece.

There was something else, but it's late and I'm tired. Big day tomorrow, moving and all. The plan continues: I'll be posting live from Casa de Heywood, Mark III by sundown on Sunday.


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