17 July 2005

Wait, Wait.....

I'll tell you.

I should have knowd. Really, I can't say I'm surprised, or that a bubble has been burst.

As our avid long time readers well know, I listen to a little National Peoples Radio from time to time. I was listening this morning and I made a discovery: NPR is far left! No, really! It's true!

So anyway, let me 'splain: earlier this week I was half-listening to NRP's "Dull Things Considered" and one of their reporter-ettes was going on about the economy and she mentioned (sneered at, actually) the Laffer Curve, and then goes on to attempt to smack down the ".....unproven theory of Supply Side Economics" (SupplySide.....where do I keep hearing that phrase......hmmmm. Curious).

"Unproven Theory"? Hello? Look.Around.You. Taxes were cut, and guess what? The economy is growing!

OK, now I'm pissed. Either my ISP is on the fritz, or the whole friggin' Internet is down. I'm trying to provide you people with links to interesting stuff (like the Laffer Curve) and everything is 404. "Cannot find server" my ass. Here's a flashlight. Use both hands.

Plus it's 1:00 AM. Holy Siht, Batman! I gotta sleep. Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of this exciting episode, resplendant with linky goodness. Same Bat-time; same Bat-channel.


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