14 July 2005

Thursday Night

late it is and tired I be

Screedblog is good today, as every day. It's Lileks, after all.
Via the very rakish and cool VodkaPundit, an interesting tidbit on the whole space-time thingy that Einstein was on about. (I almost said "an interesting Tim-Bit" but not everyone is aware of Tim Horton's, the "Starbucks" of canadia)

Ace of Spades HQ sets up a righteous smack-down of Michigan's Administrative Assistant Governor Jennifer Granholm by Hubs & Spokes. I like it.
Speaking of Granholm; you do know that it's the donks who are pushing for those not born in Our Country to be President, don't you? Granholm is one of their rising stars; the whole "Arnold for President" is just a smoke screen.
Ann Coulter does Karl Rove. No, wait; that didn't sound right. Let's try this: Ann Coulter pops the top on a fresh six-pack of snark over the Rove / Wilson / Plame issue.
One more wake up this week, less than six hours from now. I gotta go.


At 16 July, 2005 18:26, Anonymous Aakash said...

Hello [strike]sir[/strike] sirs, I just found your blog earlier this afternoon, via... I don't recall where specifically, but I think it was from a comment you left at another blog. The name of your weblog is striking, as this is the first one I've seen with that type of themed title... Is the name in reference to the actual economic theory (Wanniski!), or to something else... Well, I guess the name "Supply Side Politics," rather than "Supply Side Economics," may, along with the content of your front page, indicate which of those is probable. And speaking of the content of your front page, it seems pretty good to me (although there are some points on which I would disagree). I saw that this weblog has been around for over one year now... During that time, I was very busy with CRs and other stuff, and was rather inactive in the Blogosphere... So there are plenty of new developments, like this one, of which I still have yet to become aware. Thanks for the links to all the polemics and info.


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