31 August 2008

Too good to pass up

and I wasn't going to post tonight

so anyway, I got to the Blogging Bridge here at Case de Miguel later that usual tonight to do a cursory check of the e-mail(s), see what the cool kids were sayin', and to shut everything down.

Then, I saw this and I knew that I had to fire up the Blogger interface for a quick post. PW Pub's Dan Collins has done a superb "Weird Al" re-write on Procol Harum's classic Whiter Shade of Pale that is absolutely spot on. A "Whiter Shade of Palin", indeed.

Excerpt it, I cannot. No, it must be viewed in it's entirety, thall shalt clicketh. (I must be rusty in my KJV English. I thought "thall" was a real word; the spell-checker, not so much)

Dan has earned Supply Side Politics 2.0 highest award: Dan, if you ever find yourself in-betwixt Detroit (Rock City) and The Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor, I'll buy you not one, but two forty ounce quarts of you favorite beer and all the White Castles you can eat.



At 02 September, 2008 14:23, Blogger Dan Collins said...

Thanks, guys. Incidentally, one of my sisters lives in your general vicinity, so it's not beyond question. I'll keep y'all in mind.


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