03 September 2008

Wednesday Update

61 days to go.....
so anyway, the "All-Bristol Palin, All The Time" coverage continues in the MSM; further proof that television makes you stoopid. Remember, there is no "news" on TV, it's either entertainment (live sporting events) or editorial opinion (all other programming).
The left-leaning (I'm being generous today) Slate.com has an interesting piece up on "invisible pregnancies" of the daughters of Pres & VP candidates going back to 1964. It's an interesting read. Ace weighs in with salient commentary on the Slate piece, and should be read in tandem.
In other news, Q and O has a good summation of Teh Fred's! speech last night. My favorite line from Teh Fred! was (paraphrasing) "....there are two questions that we do not have to ask about John McCain: Who is this man, and can he be trusted with the Presidency?" Spot-f'n-on, Fred.
Patrick Ruffini at The Next Right makes some good points ala the Bristol Palin situation in his "The Regular People Party". A taste:
At its heart, the Republican Party is the party of regular people.
I don't mean this to come off as Average Joe chauvinism. This is not a point about income or wealth, though contrary to the stereotype of the GOP as the party of the rich, there is a strong argument to be made that we represent the Great American Middle in contrast to the Democrats' who represent the very rich/educated and the very poor/uneducated.
When I say regular, I mean regular in the sense of apolitical, well grounded in family and community, and as far away from a Beltway mindset as you can get.
Republican leaders at the national level have tended to tap into apolitical America more. Theirs are usually not the candidates who are scheming from birth to be President. They come to politics later in life after success in business, the military, or other worthwhile endeavors. If being a C-SPAN junkie were a prerequisite to being elected to Congress, we'd have veto-proof Democratic majorities in both chambers. If you upped that requirement to a Harvard degree, it'd be 80-20.
And, 'cause I know you can't get enough of the Palin / Obama comparisons, I offer up "Palin in Comparison". Theys gots pictures, and siht. Oh, and check out his tag line in the blog header. Of course, we (as in us) are not the sheep in question....

more soon


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