09 January 2005

God and Country

I see Michael Newdow is at it again, this time trying to stop Bush from praying before and during his Innaugeration. Isn't this one of the pillars our Nation was founded on? "Freedom of Religion man" isn't that what the hippies of the 60's communes used to say. Newdow and his ilk are a threat to the way the Constitution is intepreted by future courts, and ultimately what is stands for. Simply put, he is subverting the finest document on the earth.

I think liberals are affraid of God, how else can you interpret their energy to take Him on. In my day to day debates with liberals, I truly try to keep God out of my arguments. It seems if you even mention the "J" word, end of discussion, you're a crazed religous zealout. Almost all conservative ideas can stand without the mention of God anyway, save for the debate over His presence at a Presidential Innaugeration. So if you can't drag Him into the fight otherwise, make it about Him. This of course will bring out the defenders of Him, (read Republicans), to be paraded before the MSM as the Religous freaks we are.

For the record, I don't even think God is a Republican! But don't worry, I'm sure He's not a Democrat. I'd also like to say I don't consider myself a very religous person. I'm a Catholic and proud, but I'm not very church going and I question my faith daily, but I never question being a Republican. I hope Bush can make some progress with the courts. Our children depend on it.


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