20 November 2004

The Saturday Evening Post

Again we meet after midnight.

I trialled the great off-line blogging project this week, I got the old 'puter up and running and sat down to do a post on my personal opinion of michael moore. Jebeezus, the end result was 12 pages in very small font MS Word and counting, I'm still retaining the right to revise and extend. It was like I morphed into Bill Whittle or something. The piece turned out to be somewhat autoboigraphical, after all it addresses why I don't like michael moore, so why shouldn't it be about me? Anyway, it was remarkably absent of vitriol and invective; I don't think I used the term "asshat" even once; nor did I mention moore's weight, or smell, or the fact that he has arafat's beard. I'll re-read it sober in the near future and post it if it's worthy. I gotta be careful with the "autobiographical" stuff though: the Witness Protection Program has a lot of time and effort invested and I wouldn't want to go dusting my cover.
BTW: Kudos to the IT guy at my new employer for his help in getting the old box up and running. It's amazing, the amount of good will that can be realized by springing for lunch at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.....
So anyway, the events of the week (the week of the "duh?"):
arafat is (finally) pronounced dead. Big surprise, huh? He'd prabably been dead for a week before they announced it. Oh, and what a nice funeral for their revered leader. Shooting over the heads of his "people", running over them with trucks? Good riddance, I say. The Father of Modern Terrorism is gone, hopefully his followers will wake up and smell the coffee....
Scott Peterson is guilty. Like, dude: Duh? I could have told you that a long time ago and saved the tax payers a lot of money. I have to admit, I did not follow this story at all, I my opinion it was a local story that broke on a slow day for the national news and developed a life of it's own. Whatever. Peterson was found guilty, good; hopefully the jury doesn't go weak sister on us and they follow through by visiting the death penalty on the rat bastard. I have an interesting plan for a very slow and painfull evisceration that he would be just perfect for.....

It's good to see everyone in the blogosphere taking some much deserved time off, doing fluff pieces or dog-blogging or whatever. Very good indeed. Some people have completely gone missing, and haven't posted since 28 June 04. Rest up, my precious, for Hillary awaits and all our strength will be required.....


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