06 January 2005

Let the games begin

Hear me now and believe me later

So it looks like the Administration is going to take the bold step of fixing the hopelessly doomed Social Security system.


Long considered the “third rail” in American politics, Social Security has been on it’s death-bed for a decade. Something Has.To.Be.Done. and our President has the gravitas, not to mention the stones, to do it. One of the pundits that I read daily (my apologies for not being able to properly credit the source) pointed out recently that not even Ronald Wilson Reagan dared touch the issue of Social Security. Fortunately, we now have an Administration with the will and (hopefully) a cooperative Congress to address this issue. I sincerely hope they are successful.

Although keeping a weather eye on the MSM and the leftist bias there-of is one of my alleged Brother-in-Blog’s “hot buttons”; allow me to make a few observations (again, hear me now and believe me later):

As the debate heats up over the next few months, watch the MSM’s coverage of the stock markets. Any day the major markets lose 1% or more of their value, it will be Front.Page.News. Above the fold; lead story on the network news. I guarantee it. Any time the markets do not grow, it will be Big News, repleat with analysis ad nauseum of how The Elderly™ will be negatively impacted by such a Bad Economy.

On the days that the markets grow or break even (most days, if you follow the markets), there will be no prominent mention, if any mention at all, of the performance of the markets by the MSM.

The leftists and their cohorts in the MSM are going to fight Social Security reform repair tooth and nail because fixing Social Security will ultimately free the public from one aspect of it’s reliance on Big Government, and the left just cannot let that happen.

As I am writing this, a thought just came to me: The repair of Social Security will be the issue that finally fells the MSM as the public’s preferred source of news, because the MSM’s bias will be so readily and demonstrably evident. The increasing percentage of the population that reads blogs has recently been in the news, as the Social Security debate profligates that percentage will increase dramatically. Rather-gate or Memo-gate (or whatever you want to call it) was just the opening salvo in the grand battle betwixt the citizen journalists and the MSM. But I digress.....

As the debate on the Social Security issue and the Private Retirement Accounts invested in the stock markets moves to the fore of the public conscience, keep an eye on the coverage of the markets by the MSM. In the classic leftist idiom, bad news for the Country will be good news for the left and vice versa.

Just you watch.


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