20 November 2004

A whole lot of righteousness out there

Plodding about the blogosphere during lunch, I've stumbled across a couple of real gems:
First, Mark Steyn posted an e-mail he received regarding the election. It's about half-way down the page, entitled "Not Going Anywhere". Here's a taste:
".....if you hate America's politics under Bush and the Republicans, you have somewhere to go: just about anywhere on this planet but here. If you don't want to stay, go. You won't be missed. On the other hand, we who voted for W this last week had nowhere else to go. There is no country but this one that reflects our values, and for that reason we are pleased with the results of the election....."
The rest of the page is worth reading as well. Of course it is. It's Steyn.
Second, Ragin_Dave over at Four Right Wing Wackos pops the top on a fresh quart of harsh language and takes on some British knob (Paul Routledge of the Daily Mirror) who opined that we Americans are "stupid to re-elect GWB". All I can say is "Righteous, brother"
Go ye therefore and read, discuss it amongst yourselves, and return here to lend commentary.


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