30 June 2006

Friday Night Blight

negotiations with the post title writers union enter their umpteenth week

It's not exactly "writer's block", it's more of some serious constraints on time. Just in case you're wonderin'.

So anyway, via The Other Side of Kim, a report on the siht-bastards at the UN and their silly little gun ban conference. As I dashed off in an e-mail to friends this afternoon:

Those euro-trash arseholes at the UN had better internalize the fact in a righteous hurry that we are quite mother fcuking serious about our "...cold dead fingers" philosophy. Wankers.

btw: when is the next Live Fire Shoot Ex? I feel the need to sharpen my skills. And blow siht up. Mostly to blow siht up.
As usual, it's Friday and that can only mean two things: Goldstein's armadillo violating the terms of it's contract again (although Jeff is partially culpable this time) and Victor Davis Hanson.
See Also: Goldstein on the latest SCOTUS fiasco. Laser-like precision, the hallmark of protein Wisdom.
As an added bonus, my Brother-in-Blog e-mailed some lil'Debbie smackage. Good stuff, sound required. Dude, if you can e-mail, you can post. I'm just sayin', that's all. Just an observation.
Hey! Where did all the vodka go?

25 June 2006

Today is The Day

like you didn't know already

Two years ago today, this small but tiny blog posted it's first entries.

Wow. Two.Freakin.Years. Amazing.

Lots has happened in my life and in the World At Large in the past two years. I have been composing this anniversary post for a couple of days now, but as has been the usual around here, I'm left with no time to blog it properly.

To all of our readers: Thank You. Please feel free to leave a comment every now and then; after all, it don't cost nothing.

21 June 2006

Wednesday Night

for the lack of a better title

so anyway, where to start?
I do not often refer to the Moscow on the Huron edition of Pravda (the AnnArbor News) in a positive light, but I have to give them credit when they get something right. As both of our long time readers will remember, back in March I posted a mini-rant on the cancellation of a local talk radio program, On The Edge with Thayrone; whom WAAM (AM 1600) had replaced with Dr.Freakin.Laura. The Moscow on the Huron edition of Pravda has published a piece lamenting the loss of Thayrone's program. Bravo to the AnnArbor News for getting something right.
James Lileks is spot on in his latest Newhouse column. H/T to Will over at VodkaPundit for the illumination.
The money quote of the day comes from Dennis Prager:
I like it. Read the whole thing.
Mark Steyn breaks down the Ann Coulter dust-up. It's all good; I'd have to repost the entire thing to do it justice. Do go read.
And at last, the long winter of our discontent is over. Bill Whittle has posted again, Rafts being the first installment of his latest work An American Civilization. Thank You, Sir! May I have another?

15 June 2006

Thursday Night

I need a random post title generator
so anyway, Lileks has a new Screed up on a memo from al-Zarqawi's replacement, and it's priceless. A taste:
Good stuff, that.

Continuing the "good news" department, it appears that excessive consumption of beer may prevent prostate cancer. H/T to Ace for the linkage. Can I get an "Amen", brother? At this rate, my prostate will live on cancer free to the ripe old age of 137. And I thought it couldn't get any better after Tuesday's news about how drinking coffee counteracts the affect of alcohol on the liver. At this pace, my internal organs will out live me by half a century.
In keeping with the oft-neglected policy of "more sleep = better blogging", I must go now. Plus, I gotta iron a shirt for tomorrow. I tell you, this capitalist pig routine takes some work. More soon.

13 June 2006

Yes, I know it's late

but there are things you need to know

OK, children. I know it's late and a school night and all, but there's gobs and bunches of stuff out there that you want to know about.

Darth Rove is off the hook in the Plamegate deal. As in charges not forthcoming. The leftards are putting extra tin foil in their hats and wailing, not to mention gnashing their teeth. Ace and Jeff Goldstein (the Most Hated Blogger in the Universe) have the poop on the Leftard Reaction of the Day, from our "friends" over at the Daily Kos. (NO. I will not provide a link directly to the moonbats. Besides it being OFFICIAL POLICY not to do so, I no longer have the stomach to personally venture to the Dark Side.) Do go read, and have a tissue ready.
A blurb on the radio news this morning caught my ear, and after researching the subject there was much rejoycing. It seems that drinking coffee counteracts alcohol's effect on the liver. Yeah! Now we need medical science to prove that cheap vodka actually lowers cholesterol.
There's always more. It's late! Off to bed, children. Tomorrow is another day, and al-Zarqawi will still be dead.

08 June 2006

I love the smell of napalm in the morning

smells like.....victory!

Since you're reading this, you obviously have a computer and an internets connection and are not living under a rock, so you've probably heard that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is no more; he's an ex-terrorist; he has assumed room temperature (OK, desert temperature); he is no longer self-propelled; and has generally ceased to be. Honestly, if you can't find a link to the story on your own, put your 'puter back in the box and take it back to Wal-Mart, 'cause it ain't for you.
See Also: Blogroll for tasty commentary and linkage.

My morning commute was brightened by the news of Zarqawi's demise, and I made up and sang several songs to commemorate the event (ie: "Ding Dong! The Bitch is Dead! DingDong the Evil Bitch is Dead!" and it went downhill from there).

Remarkably, the festering leftard on the other side of the cube wall uttered not a word today. Eerily quiet. I like it.

So anyway, I hop in to the Mighty SportsWagon for the evening commute and eventually found myself listening to NPR. The cracker-jack staff over at National Peoples Radio dug up a couple of "experts".
The first was a 27 year old idiot savant terrorism expert who's hobby is monitoring terrorist web sites / message boards. His take was that al Quaeda was rejoicing over al-Zarqawi's martyrdom, and that Zarqawi's death will be a rallying point for the terrorists.
The second was a supremely annoying french woman (I know, redundancy alert) who was pimping the theory that Zarqawi was either a minor terrorist player that Amerikkka put forth and promoted to put a face on terrorism, or he never existed at all, and was just a PsyOp run by the Pentagon.
National Peoples Radio's position was that nothing has changed with Zarqawi's death, it's still a quagmire of doom and all GWB's fault.
The "PsyOp" theories are getting a lot of play on the left end of the blogosphere tonight.
Wankers. Wankers, one and all. No one ever said that whacking al-Zarqawi would be the end of the terrorist, no one expects them to just pack up and go home now that he's dead. But look at the bright side: al-Zarqari is dead! Sure, there are plenty more out there who think like Zarqawi did, but we can kill them, too.
Until they stop.
We didn't ask for this fight, but we will finish it.
Late again, tired I am. More soon.