27 September 2006

Garbage night follow up

it is Wednesday, after all

so anyway, the cans have been set out to the curb, and the recyclables are in the appropriate bins. Which means it's well after 11:00 PM and I haven't much time.

One word: Moxie! who does the post-mortem on the billy jeff blythe clinton melt-down with her usual style.

The important parts of the April NIE have been de-classified, the link courtesy of Michelle Malkin. Already, the leftards are screaming about the WH releasing only three pages of a 33 page document; why weren't they screaming about three sentances leaked of the same document?

Discuss amongst yourselves; and advise in the comments. thatisall

26 September 2006

Tuesday Night

links for your Wednesday lunch

Thanks to everyone out there who have been stopping by to read SupplySidePolitics. Our hit counter topped 4100 sometime yesterday. Thank you all very much.

so anyway, I could go on for hours about billy jeff blythe clinton's "Tom Cruise Moment" and the subsequent fall-out. I did not see the interview (no TV for me, remember?), but it has been blogged to death; to the point of Steve H. Graham calling for a moritorium on the issue.

(special thanks to some hard workin' blogger for the "Tom Cruise Moment" line. I'm not able to track down where I read that line yesterday; See Also: Blogroll. Good Stuff, that)

Like a lot of you out there, I've known of bjbc's culpability on this issue for a long, long time, as in 1993-ish. Our Liege and Master, Darth Misha has the down-low on the "clinton legacy". (11Sept01 image alert)

In case you're wondering how Darth Misha the Omnipotent created such a masterpiece, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The Dispair.com people have a "demotivational poster creator" system up and running. I first saw this over at Ace of Spades, but I've been too freakin' busy to play with it.

OK, children: the little hand is on eleven and the big hand is on tired. A couple of sobering posts and then it's off to bed with you:

Doc Russia and Sir Banagor will each give you pause for thought. Both are spot on, and you should read them. Their assessments are stark and the faint of heart will view these posts as pessimistic; that's far from the case. Go read, and we'll discuss in class on Thursday. This material will be on the Final Exam. thatisall

11 September 2006

11 September 2006

Reflections on That Day

"Do you think anything will happen tomorrow? Should I keep the girls home from school?" I was asked that question late last night. "It's a little late to be concerned about it, don't you think?" was my response.

A little late; by about a decade and a half (more than that, really). Those pesky "September 10th" people. Geez.

I have been firmly in the "September 12th" crowd since That Day. OK, you could argue, shouldn't I have been "all concerned" after Beruit? Or Khobar? Or The USS Cole? Or the 1993 WTC bombing? Or any of the other attacks?

Well, yes I was "concerned", but I freely admit that I was not focused until the second plane hit the towers.

I was in a meeting at the time, and one of the people in the meeting saw on her pager that a plane had crashed into the WTC. A short discussion followed, with the concensus that it was probably a small private plane, a stunt gone bad or a spectacular suicide. (Dave in Texas, posting over at Ace of Spades recently posted recollections along the same train of thought. Speaking if Ace; be sure to read all the other stuff posted there).

Minutes later her pager went off again: a second plane had hit the towers.

Oh Shit.

Our meeting ended and we all went to the lobby to see if there was any coverage on the TV. We walked into the lobby and saw 50 or 60 people watching CNN. No one was speaking, christ, no one was breathing; just the running commentary on the tube. Talk of a third plane.....then a fourth plane......

Oh Shit. I was off to my desk to grab my personal items and on my way home.

The paradigm had shifted. Permanantly. Some of us realize that; some of us do not.

Last year, I wrote of some National Peoples Radio story about new college grads and their views on the Global War on Terror:

".....some knob on NRP was going on about how the current crop of college graduates were worried that the ".....War on Terrorism was going to be a factor in their lives
for some time to come....." Well, NO.SHIT.SHERLOCK. Get used to it.

I'm 42 years old. Short of cataclysmic nukular strikes rendering what is now known
as the "Middle East" into a glowing smoldering glass plate, this War on Terror will be with us for the rest of my life. My children will grow up with it, and when we finally win this thing, my children will rejoice as I did upon seeing the Berlin Wall fall....."

It still may take cataclysmic nukular strikes. It still may take laying waste to the entire region. I'm OK with that. A little vengeance, now and then, is a good thing. Mike over at Cold Fury is spot on with his comments on the matter. Vengeance, indeed.

Long time readers know that I am a huge fan of James Lileks' work. He has posted his personal images of That Day; along with a Screed on the subject. In 2004, I tried to do my bestest Lileks impersonation (and failed miserably. But you knew that.)

I've been spending my blogging hours (rather, minutes) reading the reflections of friends that I have never met. This year's crying jag (it happens every year since That Day) came courtesy of the gracious Peggy Noonan's Opinion Journal piece. It's always something.....

Ragin'_Dave of Four Right Wing Wackos fame lays it out in his "Five Years Later" post. BTW, Dave? Thank you for your Service. If you ever find yourself in SE Michigan, I'll buy you two 40 ounce quarts of your favorite beer and all the White Castles you can eat.

Cox and Forkum continue the series with their entry. Steyn is, well.....Steyn. Q and O's excellent ongoing Project Hero looks at a FDNY Firefighter, their entry in the 2,996 posts on those we lost five years ago. Jeff Goldstein spells it all out, personally.

There are many, many others (see also, BlogRoll). There is so much more to be said and done, and much that needs not be said or done. Some of us realize that; some of us do not.

08 September 2006

Another Milestone

I am humbled and impressed

so anyway, sometime this evening the hit counter here at SupplySidePolitics topped the 4000 mark.

Thank you very much. To everyone who stops by to read the rantings, and extra thanks to those who have bothered to comment. I really appreciate it.

Elsewhere, it struck me this evening that the whole dust-up over the upcoming ABC mini-series regarding the terrorist's attacks of 11 September 2001 is just a big smoke screen.

I know, file it under "Duh!"

Really, why are the democrats / clintonistas just now screaming about this?

I have a theory that borders on the fringe of conspiracy: making an issue of this whole ABC movie is the left's attempt to minimize the importance of the fifth anniversiary of That Day. If they make a Big Stink about the movie, the actual event is pushed to the background.

Wankers. Wankers, one and all.

Yes, I will be watching / taping The Path to 9/11. I am pissed off (just like the rest of the dextrosphere) that it appears that ABC has caved to to demands of the former (and never again to be) clinton administration.

Let it be. 48 hours from now, we will have seen the first half, and then we can let fly the snark and invective.

more soon, I must sleep now

06 September 2006

Wednesday Night Lite

The strange week continues

so anyway, it only took about 24 hours for the leftards to show their true colors regarding the death of Steve Irwin. I shant link to such crap here, but if you have a computer and an internets tubes connection, you can search on "germaine greer" of the UK's Guardian for all the vomitorious content you need. Wankerette.

Irwin was a staunch supporter of Austrailian PM John Howard, and an all-around stand-up Conservative guy (a fact that I've known for years). I guess the international leftists can not gracefully note the passing of an icon (with who's politics they disagree with) with any sense of decorum.

Wankers. Wankers, one and all.

As it's late and I am tired, I'll leave you with a couple of links from an old friend from the Mutual Linkage Society. Insolublog has a couple of righteous posts up, one sends up the leftards' Wal-Mart fixation using the sci fi classic Soilent Green; the other whacks liberalism in general via an old episode of (the original) Star Trek. Good stuff, that; and if you can keep the snorting and chortelling to a minimum, it's completely safe for work.

We'll have words soon.

04 September 2006

Sad Day

More soon. thatisall

02 September 2006

Odds and Ends

it's a holiday weekend, and all that crap

so anyway, I was rummaging about the dextrosphere tonight and re-discovered my fellow-traveller's Sir Banagor's excellent blog "Shining full plate and a good broadsword". I usually read Banagor's work a couple of times a month but due to the demands on my time lately I haven't been keeping up on my reading.
Sir Banagor has a couple of outstanding posts in recent weeks that you should read. Yes, they will most likely piss you off; it always sucks getting smacked in the face with the cold hard reality of the Truth.
As Captain Smollett would say ".....I've either said too much or said too little.....", so without further comment, the linkage: Osama bin Laden is right and The Face of a New God. Sobering stuff, that. While you're there, be sure to read Banagor's classic "Really Fcuking Stupid People" rant. You can thank me later.
We'll have words again soon

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Lawd, I'm feeling blue

I really miss Rachel Lucas.