25 August 2010

I must be slipping

it happens

so anyway, here it is the 25th of August of an election year, and I've yet to say anything about my so-called "representative" Mark Schauer. My bad. Just let me finish the couple of other projects that I'm working on, and I'll be all over him like stink on schauer....(see what I did there?)

more soon

23 August 2010

Shop Talk

re-arranging the deck chairs....

so anyway, I've been doing a little house-keeping on the blog template, most notably the addition of a "Podcasts" category on the sidebar. I've also adjusted the template to make things a bit more readable, especially on laptop screens ('cause these days everyone but me has a laptop).

more soon

22 August 2010

I Want Your Money

I might just have to temporarily suspend my movie boycott....

so anyway, I can't wait to see this:

I did not find a firm release date, but I'll keep checking and will advise.

h/t tip to reader Bill C. (via e-mail)

more soon

16 August 2010

Now that's more like it

more, please

so anyway, this is the kind of political ad that gets results:

h/t to Ace and Dan Collins

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15 August 2010

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque: A Perspective

the optics are not good

so anyway, all the cool kids have been talking up the Ground Zero Victory Mosque situation. Two snippets caught my eye this evening on the subject:

Throughout history, Muslim conquerors have demonstrated their hatred and disdain for all other religions by purposefully erecting mosques over some of the most sacred and hallowed places of Judaic and Christian worship.

The al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem is built on top of one of the holiest sites in Judaism, the Temple Mount. The former St. Sophia’s Basilica, once the world’s largest cathedral and orthodox patriarchal basilica, was torn down and replaced with the principal mosque of Istanbul. The Cordoba mosque in Spain was a former Christian cathedral. Muslims have engaged in this practice for centuries, symbolizing their victories over the infidels.
Here's where the "perspective" comes in:

The red box is the proposed location of the Victory Mosque, you should be able to figure out what stood where the crater is now. Connect the dots, people. It's not rocket surgery.....

h/t to doubleplusundead and Ace of Spades.

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Time Fades Away

did I miss anything?

so anyway, [insert reason / apology for lack of blogging here] I've been livin' the dream (a nightmare is technically a dream) out here in Obamaville; it's been 459 days since I was on a payroll. Thanks, Barack!! I have been working my biden off (see what I did there?) but there are only so many houses that need painted and lawns to be mowed, so things have been less than peachy here at Casa de Miguel.

more soon (it's Election Season, after all)