21 September 2012

It's a little different

I don't usually post this kind of thing.....

so anyway, TheBoy™ and I were surfing for some Lego™ StarWars pics and vids this evening and we stumbled upon this:

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16 September 2012


What Would Breitbart Do?

so anyway, are you starting to realize what a tremendous asset we lost when Andrew Breitbart was taken from us?  Can you just imagine his reaction to this:

Filmmaker taken into custody for Suspicion of Blasphemy
Mike of Cold Fury fame nails it:
"...This is precisely what tyranny looks like, people. It is a photo of an Obamerican subject being hauled off for “voluntary” questioning in the dead of night, in front of a mass of Ministry Of Propaganda cameras, for the Crime Against The State of exercising his supposed free speech “rights,” now nonexistent…for him, and for all of us. If this doesn’t get your blood absolutely boiling, and inspire both dismay and an ironclad determination to rid yourself of liberal-fascist tyranny once and for all, then crouch down and lick the hand that both feeds and enslaves you; may you wear your chains lightly, and may posterity forget that you were ever my countryman...."
Read the whole thing.

What would Andrew Breitbart do?  My guess is that his incandescent rage would be visible from space Jupiter.

More Soon.  As always, I reserve the right to revise and extend at a future date.


Stoat Weasel covers the "artistic" angle:
Seriously, you’d have to be a platinum ‘tard to be the slightest provoked by this silly pile of fluff.
Seriously, the "Gamera is a friend to all children" line is f'n comedy gold

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10 September 2012

Preach it, my brother

another spot on commentary by the inestimable Mr.Whittle...

so anyway, via Ragin' Dave, we get Bill Whittle's latest Firewall:
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06 September 2012

The (indoor) speech

I won't be watching...

so anyway, President Obama makes his nomination acceptance speech tonight.  We've heard it all before:

H/T to JohnE of the Moron Horde

For what it's worth, I still believe the flag pin on his lapel is a photoshop

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