18 October 2012


no, not Obama's burning firewall...

so anyway, Bill Whittle has released the latest installment of Firewall:
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15 October 2012

Benghazi-gate (Updated)

at least Watergate didn't have a body count...

so anyway, via Ace we learn that Hillary Clinton has actually stepped up and taken responsibility for the security failures at out Consulate in Benghazi, Lybia.  Smitty at The Other McCain channels his inner Romney and provides what would be the bestest debate line ever, if Mitt were to drop it tomorrow night:

"...After the better part of four years, somebody in the Administration finally took responsibility the way leaders do, on one of those hopefully rare occasions when it involves confessing a shortcoming. In this case, one that involved the butchery of four Americans. Hopefully this President isn’t too old to learn something from all this. Better leaders plan so as to minimize these sorts of tragedies..."
Read both whole things.

I meant to post this like five days ago (that's like twelve weeks, in inter-web net-tube time), so, it's old.  But relevant, nonetheless:
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11 October 2012

The VP debate

multi-tasking. I am.....

so anyway,  I'm watching (listening, actually) to the VP debate and it is confirming something I already knew:

Joe Biden is the flaming blue waffle of American politics.  (You'll have to Bing "blue waffle" yourself.  Make sure you look at the pictures.)

And where did they dig up this moderator?  Her only qualification is that Barack Obama was at her wedding.

Ryan is talking facts, Biden is interrupting and talking loud.

I'm gonna start in on tomorrow night's ration of Val-U-Rite.

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10 October 2012

27 Days.....

until eviction day...

so anyway, Ben Howe has put together an outstanding video:
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09 October 2012

Another notable day

it's like a series or something...

so anyway, today is my 50th birthday.  If I work until my 50th anniversary in The Stoopid Business™ (see yesterday's post), I may be able to retire (Thanks, Barack!).

more soon

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08 October 2012

A Grim Milestone

or, an achievement to be celebrated....

so anyway, today marks my Twentieth Anniversary of working in The Stoopid Business™  (The automotive industry, for the uninitiated.)

Oh, the stories I could tell...if I had more time.  Soon

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07 October 2012

The Dinner Table

I've not only seen this movie, I've starred in it...

so anyway, Americans For Prosperity has a new ad out that hits the spot:
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Special Announcement

One of the many services we provide....

so anyway, there was a time when you went to Radio Shack™ and the employees there actually knew what the fcuk they sold.

Sadly, that time has passed.

more soon


03 October 2012

Presidential Debate summary

This shouldn't take too long....

so anyway, ICYMI, here's how tonight's Presidential debate went:

I didn't get to watch the debate in it's entirety, but every time I checked in, all I heard were a bunch of "um"s and "ah"s.

I may consider subscribing to this Romney fellow's newsletter...

more soon

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02 October 2012

Playin' catch-up

I collect siht faster than I can blog it.....

so anyway, I finally have a few minutes to share with you some interesting things that I have found over the past couple of days.  There are several pics and vids, so I'll put everything "below the fold"...

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