29 July 2014

Theodore Van Kirk, RIP

we've lost another of The Greatest Generation...

so anyway, Theodore Van Kirk, the navigator on the Enola Gay has passed at 93.

Thank you for your service, Captain Van Kirk.  You did the right thing.  Rest in Peace.

more soon

("Captain Van Kirk"...it has a certain ring to it, right?)

26 July 2014

Saturday Night Videos

I gots both of these on vinyl and the hardware to disturb the entire neighborhood...

so anyway, my weekend guilty pleasure is the music programming on my base right wing conspiracy radio station, WAAM.  They run both Bill Bennett and Laura Ingraham (AKA: NPR for RINOS).  I'm just outside the wire of The Peoples' Republic of AnnArbor, NPR for RINOS is the best that I can expect.

The aforementioned noise notwithstanding, Radio Jon D did the following twin-spin this evening.  This is not the version I was looking for, but it appears that every version on the inter-web net-tubes has been bastardized.
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24 July 2014

WWIII update

we live in interesting times...

so anyway,...make the rubble bounce, Bibi.

I encourage you to support Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces.

You know where I stand.

more soon

22 July 2014

Pure, semi-informed speculation

just some thoughts on the news of the day...

so anyway, I'm sure you've seen the news that the FAA has prohibited US flights into Tel Aviv, and that several European airlines have suspended flights to Tel Aviv as well.

Serious You Guys, the terrorist have won.

Having proven that they can shoot down any air-liner, anywhere, they have made El Al the safest airline on the planet.

Imagine Hamas (or the Ukrainian separatist) targeting an El Al air-liner.   Can you imagine the Israeli response?  I can.  The "Wrath of God" comes to mind.  Given the choice between El Al and Quantas, I'm flying El Al.  Air France, Delta, US Air, et al can all be targeted because western civilization no longer has balls.

The Israelis do.

We live in interesting times.  Which sucks.  I have twin 14-YO daughters and a 10-YO son.  This was not the world I meant to leave them.  All I can offer is a ridiculous stock-pile of ammo and a certain cold deposition.

more soon

19 July 2014

Saturday Night Video

The double feature traffic safety edition...

so anyway, I encourage you to watch both of these short videos, especially if you have teenage drivers in your life.  The first one came to me via an e-mail thread, the second if from a link* on Ace's sidebar.
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18 July 2014

Just in case...

...you were wondering who I stand behind...

so anyway...

Any questions?

Make the rubble bounce, Bibi...

12 July 2014

Saturday Night Video

R.I.P. Tommy Ramone...

so anyway, so ends an era.  I was never much into the punk rock, but I always liked The Ramones' sound.
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