22 March 2016

Practice Continues

it's a slow process...

so anyway, I'm still keeping up with The Marksmanship Restoration Project.  I just need to get caught up in posting my progress.

The third week looked like this:

Monday 14MAR16

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19 March 2016

Saturday Night Video

The "Can You See the Pattern" Edition...

so anyway, marksmanship has been on my mind lately and you can't go wrong with Hickok45 vids:

Range day tomorrow, for some real practice.

more soon

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18 March 2016

Practice Begins

I have some work to do...

so anyway, I set up my little indoor range and started practicing.  Ten shots a day, concentrating  on good mechanics and taking my time.

The first four days I was dorking around with the sights:

Tuesday 01MAR16
Wednesday 02MAR16
Thursday 03MAR16
Friday 04MAR16

The fifth day, I swapped out my bifocals (shut up) for a pair of reading glasses for a better sight picture:
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17 March 2016

The Marksmanship Restoration Project

it's about time...

so anyway, The Boy™ and I went to the range last month for some recoil therapy.  We shot up about a pound of .22LR, great fun was had by all.

Towards the end of the day, I set him up to shoot a target worth hanging on the front of the ice box.  I grabbed the binoculars to spot and he loaded up and started shooting.

BANG "Miss"

BANG "Miss.  Which target are you shooting?"

"The middle one"

BANG "Way high and way left.  On the paper, but not on the target"

BANG "Low and right, just outside the 8 ring"

"Dad, I think the sights are off on the rifle."

He handed me the rifle, and I took four quick shots.  All four were in the 9 ring. I handed it back and told him the sights were "on" enough to at least hit the black on the target.  We shot some more (he got better) and then it was time to go.

On the drive home we had a good laugh when I said "I hope the zombies don't apocalypse any time soon, 'cause neither one of us can hit shit."

Later, I took a good look at my target.  All in the 9 ring, sure; but all over the map.  If it were just the sights, all the misses should be closer together.

I looked at the rifle.  "It's not you, it's me".

So, I decided to work on it.  I knew from the Great Air Rifle Acquisition Project (I should tell that story sometime) that I can set up a 10 yard range in my small, but tiny apartment.  I took the scope off the pellet gun and got to working on my mechanics.  I decided that I'd take ten shots everyday, and actually work at getting better.

I'll start posting targets as I progress.

more soon


05 March 2016

Saturday Night Video

the "Neo gets it on" edition...

so anyway, last night Maetenloch posted this vid over at Ace's place:
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