02 March 2005

Wednesday Night Wrap Up

.....where did all this garbage come from?

So anyway Wednesday night is Garbage Night at Casa de Heywood, so my blogging time is compromised by domestic chores. Anyway, to today's items of note:

Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame links out to a study about the mental benefits of blogging. Interesting concept; I've long been a believer that writing out one's thoughts tends to clarify the mind. Your actual milage may vary.....

Via Kim duToit, I happened upon The Ten Ring, with a horrifying tale of peeking into the soul of the Dark Side. I know the feeling, as I have occasionally ventured to the far left end of the blogosphere as part of my avocation and it leaves a scar.

And now I must sleep. Zero-Dark-Thirty will be here before you know it.


At 03 March, 2005 19:32, Blogger Greg said...

I too venture to the dark side on occasion, although I think I would rather stick needles in my eyes when I read some of that garbage.


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