23 May 2005

A Short Collection

Yes, it is the "Danger Hour". Again.

Sigh. I think I've run up against the wall with the whole sleep deprivation thing. On my way to work this morning, as I was driving past the airport, I thought "Hey, I don't drive past the airport on my way to work". I absolutely have to start getting more sleep.

So anyway, a few things that caught my eye since we spoke last:

Kim du Toit linked out to a eye-opening NRO post on judicial nominees. And you people wonder why I get so worked up about certain judges.....

Steyn sticks a wicket or two. No, it's not about cricket.

Via the rather weird daisy-chain that started at Cold Fury which led to Tigerhawk who pointed me to sisu (a link that I followed only because....well, never mind, it's too long of a story) which caused me to bump Glenn Reynold's hit counter to arrive at [read this one==>]this post[<==read this one]. It's what all the kids are talking about.

More sleep = better blogging. More later


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