24 May 2005

Is this thing on?


Blogspot is acting up tonight, don't it just figure? I have a night where I can get to bloggin' before 10:00 PM and the ghosts in the machine funk with my mojo.

Rather than blog out some big rant just to have it get lost in some technical glitch, I'll get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day. More sleep=better blogging.

Oh, I almost forgot: I am not pleased with this "Senate compromise deal". The blogosphere is a-buzz with analysis of the deal, go to any of the usual suspects for commentary. To comment in the Glenn Reynolds idiom: "The Stupid Party. Indeed."

Maybe we should hijack the Libertarian Party from the socialist sihtbastards; re-name it the Blogger Party or the Constitution Party or my personal favorite: Heywood's Kegger & BBQ (now that's a Party)

More soon.



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