05 September 2008

Friday 05SEP08

59 days to go.....
so anyway, McCain's acceptance speech was really good. He's not a real "dynamic" speaker in the first place, but he done good. I liked the voice-over intro by Teh Fred!
All the cool kids are still talking about Sarah "The Thrilla from Wasilla" Palin (I just wish I could remember who coined the phrase so I could give proper credit).

The best one-line comment of the day came from Rachel Lucas' blog:
Not only did more people tune in to watch her than watched Senator Obama, but she gave her speech without a teleprompter! Apparently, the 'prompter crapped out early in the speech and she just kept going. Have you ever seen Senator Obama speak cohesively without a teleprompter? I thought not.
Victor Davis Hanson on Palin:
Looks like the dims' post convention bounce has done bounced away: statistical dead heat:
Via Cold Fury, we learn that the Wilson sisters are not happy about having 35+ million people hear their song:
This from a band who's most recent gig was the "oldies reunion" show for a PBS pledge drive.

more soon


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