30 June 2004

Hitlery shows her colors (again)

OK, so BigMedia will never let this out over the airwaves, and if it makes it to your local paper it will be buried in the lower left hand corner of page 4 between the column about excessive overtime at the city waste treatment plant and the ad for all-natural male enhancement but every American out there busting their hump to provide for their family should read what Hitlery Clinton had to say in SanFransisco. Even though it was reported to be a $10K per plate big shot dinner, don't let that fool you: she's after your money. The democraps view any family of four with a household income over $42,600 per year as "rich". I haven't see john "I've been to VietNam" kerry's tax plan yet (and I am working diligently to never have to worry about his tax plan) but the "dims" keep talking about marginal rates of over 50%.

Bravo Sierra. I work too fookin' hard for my scratch (and you do too) and I'm not going to pony up any more of my hard earned cash for Hitlery's Village

Emperor Misha (thank you, my Liege, for the SFGate link, BTW) hits it on the head.

And thank you very much to my brother-in-blog for pointing out this little gem

28 June 2004

Since we're on the topic of brownshirts

Kim du Toit makes some salient points about algore's recent little moonbat song and dance episode. As per his usual, Kim is "spot on".

Whoever stole algore's medication, please return it as soon as possible. Otherwise, one of you is going to have to drive to canada to get more. Please, don't let all those years of therapy go to waste.

Brownshirts Indeed

This is familiar, I just had to link to this story since Al Bore has demonized internet bloggers as anti-democracy right wing bigots trying to stifle differences of opinion and debate. This seems to me, to be very typical of the left. What-ever they do, they accuse the right of doing because they find it hard to believe that everyone isn't as un-principled as they are. This scene is repeated often at Kerry gathering, especially to pro-life or pro-defense of marriage activists in attendance. Sad......but they must be educated.

25 June 2004

What he said. . . .

. . . goes for me, too. Welcome in, enjoy the fireworks.

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